Executive Protection Training

If you are looking into becoming an Executive protection (E.P) agent and you are serious about it this is the program for you. This academy offers all the tools and licensing needed to perform on the job as soon as you graduate. All you have to do is give your 100%, be honest with yourself as far as your current skill level and try harder.

The most important and amazing skill required in security and self-defense purposes is the art of “Arrest And Control”. This course gives complete art of conflict management, controlling the criminal or suspect, handcuffing while performing the duty of best security guard. And also to provide their business owners a worker equipped with all qualities and skills.

Our business is built upon the operational experiences of tried and tested personnel from the law enforcement, security and military sectors, both local and abroad. ASC specializes in security risk, threat assessment, protective tactics and strategies. The company’s experienced and intensively trained employees are capable of carrying out the highest level of executive security training. Our programs utilize the skills and experience acquired in military service and applies those skills to meet the needs of employers. Read more about how Pacific West Academy eases the transition for U.S.

It was very helpful in real-world situations, came in handy and real-world scenarios on the job with real clients. Our program is great for anyone who wants to to become a security specialist in the Private Security Industry. This course also attracts Military Veterans and Law Enforcement personnel, as the skills and experience gained in the Military and in Law Enforcement are transferable to a Close Protection Operative. Although, we provide the firearms for the course this is highly recommended to use your own firearms. If you want us to provide you the firearms.(It’s possible for 50 USD per day / cost of ammo is 60 cent per bullet and you will need 200 rounds for the course).

CESS is ideal for those who want to work in the private security industry. Education for high-end security professions includes Presidential Security, Residential Safeguards, Executives Transportation, Technological Monitoring, and Defensive measures. Pacific West Academy provides a 12-day Defense – in – depth curriculum. Complete Security Awareness training is a 12-day methods of gaining in the realm of defense. Students study the fundamentals of combat strategies such as Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, and other diversion exercises in this program.

Our broad preparation by driving specialists in the business readies the understudy for wide-going freedoms and a significant vocation. The CESS program is intended for people wishing to break into the private security industry. Our broad preparation by driving specialists in the business readies the understudy for wide-going chances and an important vocation. • It’s a good idea for people in high-risk jobs like law enforcement and military personnel to take executive protection training courses. These training programs of Executive Protections at Pacific West Academy offer their students avail the chance of learning different effect skills in any position for security purposes and executive protection careers. Executive protection is high-level, personal security that focuses on protecting VIPs, Business Executives, Politicians, and Celebrities.

Los Angeles, CAPacific West Academy’s mission is to educate and train individuals to be tactically and technically proficient in the skills required to work effectively in the Close Protection industry. Interns are hired immediately and get to work experiencing the actual corporate world instead of spending months in training. The pay for interns is initially low, but they get rich work experience, which helps get a better paying job quickly or progressing into a regular employee in the same company. Students who failed in campus interviews must apply for internships in various companies. Upload your profile on job-related social media platforms like LinkedIn and continue to search for internships. Most students who get selected through campus interviews wait for a few months to get called for placement.

Our projects use the aptitudes and experience obtained in military assistance and applies those abilities to address the issues of bosses. Peruse more about how Pacific West Academy facilitates the progress for U.S. For Veterans, this course might be covered by the GI Bill, making it an extraordinary professional alternative for the individuals who are changing out of the administration. Just experienced and confirmed educators are utilized to guarantee the most ideal learning experience for the understudies.

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