Best Acoustic Guitars 2022

Acoustic guitars don’t have a lot of hardware, but the effect it can have on the tone of your guitar is surprising. If you think about it, an acoustic guitar creates its tone through vibrating – so a great bridge or set of tuners will allow your guitar to freely vibrate or resonate. You’ll notice that most acoustic guitar tops are made from pale woods, such as spruce – but not always. There is technically no ‘best’ wood to make an acoustic guitar out of, as the tones we like are entirely subjective. The Generation G-00 – much like the entire Generation collection – has two soundholes. The main one is where you’d expect it to be, slap bang in the middle of the solid Sitka spruce top, with the second one in the side of the guitar, aiming directly towards your face.

Whilst you’re doing that, you can also clean the body and fingerboard to keep it looking and playing well. Acoustic guitars do absorb moisture and dry out too, which can affect the action. Keeping the guitar in a case can help with this, plus you can also buy guitar humidifiers that keep them from drying out. The Takamine P3NY is a great example, and gets our nod as the best acoustic guitar for fingerpickers. Combining cedar and sapele tone woods with some pretty advanced electronics, you get a guitar that we found to be super comfortable in the hands of any players.

Moreover, we offer high-quality cases that offer supreme protection during travel. Yamaha acoustic guitars are designed for journeys, both literally and figuratively. Acoustic guitars are some of the most subjective instruments out there. Every player has their own set of preferences – but there are a few key criteria every acoustic guitar should meet before we recommend it to our readers. Whatever your preference in size, colour, tone and playing style, it’s difficult to avoid picking this Cherry Sunburst up. It’s such a simple guitar to play that it’s rare to ever feel like you’re incapable of striking the right chord – especially on a neck that’s just 12” in radius.

This is a daring guitar, playable with a stunning voice that sits so well in a mix. Look at the body shape for a start, that squashed offset cutaway tears up the rulebook. That’s just for starters; flip it over and you’ll see the Sure Align neck system, with that deep carve allowing for full access to the top of the neck. The system allows for on-the-fly neck pitch and intonation tweaks. The sitka spruce top produced a gloriously welcoming sound during our testing, and the onboard Taylor Expression System 2 electronics make it ideal for live performance. And, being a Taylor, you can expect a certain degree of quality all round.

The entry model of the Classic Design Series is a good reminder of just how much guitar you can get for your money at the more affordable end of the market. We’ve come far since the days of high-action, poor tuning stability and shoddy construction that used to mark out lower-priced models. Instead, we’re offered a solid-wood mahogany top, laminated mahogany back/sides and an inviting rolled fretboard edge. Very little has changed since this deep-bodied dreadnought was introduced in 1931.

Its spruce/maple construction is different from most, and this material combination provides some glorious top-end brightness to balance out the ‘boom’ you’d expect from such a big guitar. This guide explores flawless high-end investment pieces, modern classics, and affordable guitars that offer incredible value for money. No matter which guitar you choose, it’s sure to be your musical companion for years to come, so making the right decision is important. So read on to see our top picks, and let us guide you through the process. This leads perfectly on to the playability of the instrument.

The sound is balanced and maintains the very definition of an ‘all-rounder’. Notes ring out with sustain – that clear piano-like definition we love from Nazareth’s craftsmen. Many consider the D-28 to be ultimate expression of the dreadnought form.

Our Gear Advisers are available to guide you through your entire shopping experience. Call or Chat for expert advice and to hear the latest deals. The Hummingbird Studio continues Gibson’s long history of producing world famous square shoulder body designs, such as the Hummingbird, Dove, and Songwriter models. You can use online apps for tuning or take the help of someone who knows how to tune them. DAMED glitter products derive from the phrase“To get Damed”, as to,“Be Mad Damed”as an extension of Mad Dame’s glitter adorned photo shoot portraits. The finest tonewoods give you a rich palette of tonal flavors.

An acoustic guitar pickup can work in a few different ways, with the most popular pickups being under-saddle piezo pickups. As you’ve probably worked out, the pickup collects the string vibrations through the saddle, and then sends that tone to the output jack. Unfortunately, a cheap one can sound quite brittle and spiky, as the pickup is detecting vibrations where the string tension is at its tightest.

In the 15th century, Spain introduced the vihuela, a flat-backed, peanut-shaped design with a less pronounced neck bend and pairs of strings tuned in unison. Roughly 350 years later, Spanish-born guitar maker Antonio Torres Jurado created a larger body design and introduced fan bracing for internal reinforcement. This made what we now call the nylon-string, Spanish or classical guitar, louder with better projection and a cleaner tone. You have decided to buy your first acoustic guitar, and nothing would stop you from buying one now. As you go to your nearest musical instrument shop, you open its door with excitement bubbling through your veins; you take a deep breath and survey the scene in front of you. Acoustics in various sizes, designs and colors resting on the shelves are asking for your attention, beckoning you like candies.

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