How to Get to the Blue Cave

You’ll get to visit one of the most popular islands in the Adriatic too, sunny Hvar. From its elevated Spanish fortress, look forward to taking in one of the most spectacular views in the region, a panorama of Hvar town, the sea, and the islands. You’re in luck because there are two main options from this island, including a popular speedboat tour to the cave, Vis, and the Pakleni Islands, or a caving day tour visiting the Blue Cave Croatia and the Green Cave. The cave attracts more than 100,000 tourists every summer and sometimes, during peak seasons visitors wait in a queue for 2 to 3 hours to spend just 5 minutes inside the cave.

I ordered an iced coffee, sat back and waited, certain our number would be called any minute. Totally awesome, but since the Blue Cave is approximately a 90-minute journey away from Split by speedboat, getting to the Blue Cave costs a pretty penny in fuel. Dear clients, the Blue Cave travel agency is temporarily closed.

Take a look at our Accommodation on Vis page for details of where to stay. As you clear the dark corridor, the marvel of the Blue Cave presents itself in front of you in all its glory. All shades of blue you can imagine, silver sea bottom and the peacefulness broken only by your tour guide as he presents and describes the cave to your group. On the island there is also Medvedina špilja (‘Monk seals’ cave) – a cave where the Mediterranean monk seal used to reside.

Get in touch with your local travel specialist if you want to know more. During the busy summer season, there can be a wait of at least an hour to get inside the cave. There are a few facilities at the port where passengers wait their turn to board, including toilets, a cafe, and a snack bar. The Blue Cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia’s Dalmatian islands.

You will wait quite a long time to visit the Blue Cave, so come prepared with a little something to do or snacks. You wait so long because the official boats don’t fit many people and, during the summer, hundreds and hundreds are visiting within the hour. When you reach the side of Biševo Island to visit the Blue Cave, you’ll notice many other people there, at least in the beautiful summer months. Your ticket has a number on it and there is an electronic counter near where you will board the official boat to enter the Blue Cave. Visits are limited to an official maximum of 15 minutes but in practice visits are much shorter, sometimes as little as five minutes. Currently, there is no limit to the number of boats in the cave which means that the cave can be bumper-to-bumper with boats in the summer.

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