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I too am having a difficult time getting the NLTR01J code to work. This game is becoming a pain in the a-S I have lost more duels and Battles because I am constantly being kicked out really frustrating. I think may be you guys are trying to much with these short challenges because this is the worst day ever for poor connections and kick outs. Good to know 🙂 We have re-added the code to the list. December — Gift code shared by Player38 on December 6th, 2022.

We will update the article and comment section once they release a new gift code. Wait till you waste pearls on license bonuses only to continually hit the same fish time and time again. Or waste 10 bucks to spin the wheel 5 tomes only to land on sonars twice and skills the other 3.

Then you will get more points for catching such a fish than for the rest of the fish. Fishing rods are the main fishing tool in the simulator. As we wrote above, there are 7 levels of leveling rods. At the start, you will get a basic ordinary fishing rod with 1 property per weight.

To earn more points, you need to catch better fish. And to catch the better fish, make sure you have upgraded lures, activate power-ups, rod’s perks, bonuses, etc. Quests will be refreshed every day in fishing clash codes deutsch. By doing them, you find satisfaction and victory and bring you attractive rewards, which can be a lot of gold coins.

Thank you for sharing this information lots of thing I didn’t know. Swipe left or right to change the lure and then tap on the equip button. Devs will reveal the Kenai code today. Another hidden code will appear at a different fishery. We are looking for today’s hidden code; the page will be updated once the code is found. Please refresh the page if you are seeing an older version.

The dropped bait is enough to pump a black-shark to level 6-7. And the last reward for 48,000 points is 2 giant packages of Fortune. This package may also include shark bait. The game has a special gradation or starry fish depending on weight. That is, the smallest fish will have 1 star, the largest – 2 stars, and so on to 12.

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