Abstract Art with Alcohol Ink Archives

Daehyun’s Moonassi series has become his lifetime project. Kim’s skill in interweaving a contemporary narrative of poetry and philosophy with his strong foundation in traditional brush painting, creating a series of refreshing and insightful works. Tay Bak Chiang is a Singaporean artist and graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. Tay reinterprets the painting convention of monumentality in his stone series that intersects the idea of the stone with history, Taoist philosophy, and nature.

Delicate hand drawn watercolor flower in blue and violet tones. Luxury abstract fluid art painting in alcohol ink technique,… He adopted a different artistic expression by exploring the art with his personal style touch of traditional media and design element of eastern meet western culture. In the “Boxed Landscape” series, Zhang presented surreal landscapes inside small containers, using the traditional style of Gongbi ink painting to depict memories and experiences. Particularly, her boxed landscape series correlates to the “subdivided flats” housing problem in Hong Kong, which the artist experienced while studying in Hong Kong. The small, boxed objects allow a window into the artist’s imagination while expressing wisdom, poetry, and beauty.

abstract ink art background dark green and olive glitter colors. Acrylic painting on canvas with emerald gradient. Watercolor backdrop with wavy pattern. A handmade alcohol ink painting on Yupo paper. Usable as an abstract background or as a texture.

Yesterday, I shared a blog post on creating on the NARA paper rounds. This time, I’m creating on the BACK SIDE of Kirkland Photo paper which works similar to Yupo and NARA paper. Choose it to perfect makeover to your wall.

Hand drawn curved and wavy lines with grunge circles. Chaotic ink brush scribbles decorative set. Messy doodles, bold curvy lines illustration. Original minimalist linear abstract ink painting on paper. Small unique artwork, elegant meditative drawing in black and white.

This is video number three in my series of alcohol ink abstracts. I place links to the previous videos at the bottom of this post. This time, I’m creating on NARA synthetic pape . In the video below, I share a simple time lapse demonstration on pouring and blowing… Due to our lifestyles, we don’t often get the chance to go out and directly shop for artwork.

Experience the captivating beauty of gestural abstraction with this stunning black and white ink painting on paper. Inspired by Chinese calligraphy, the artwork showcases bold, sweeping strokes that create a sense of movement and energy. Sold with a sleek black minimalist frame, this piece is ready to add an elegant touch to any space. The abstract nature of the painting allows for endless interpretations, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the artist’s world. Discover the captivating beauty of this unique piece and bring a touch of sophistication to your art collection. Black paint brush strokes vector collection.

Abstract colorful vector background, color flow liquid wave for… The following is a time lapse demonstration of an abstract landscape with trees created with alcohol ink. The ink was dropped and blown and then trees were lifted.

Nan Qi’s work has been recognized and awarded in both China and abroad. 9,06,775 abstract ink painting stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. High resolution luxury abstract fluid art painting in alcohol… This is video number two in my series of alcohol ink abstracts.

In the presentations, I will demonstrate just how easy it is… Cheriue Ka-wai Cheuk, born in 1989 in Hong Kong, obtained a BA in Fine Arts with first-class honours at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012. She finished her MA in Fine Arts in CUHK in 2017, specializing in Chinese Gongbi painting. Suisen Nakatani (b.1946) is a Japan-based calligrapher. The motifs of her artworks are Kokotsu-bun; the ancient Chinese hieroglyphic characters left on bones or tortoise carapaces and Kin-bun; those left on bronze vessels. This file does not contain transparency and other effects.

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